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Gulf Insulation Company

Gulf Insulation Materials is one of the Bahrani Group companies. Which is considered as the first company in Iraq and the Middle East in our field. We mainly focus on the market's requirements of the insulating boards providing industrial insulation, keeping boxes, binding boxes and decor boxes. ​

Isofoam has been in business as of ICF and insulation materials manufacturer since 1965 in Iraq, we pride to consider ourselves as the first company in Iraq to manufacture insulation materials.  With over 45 years in the ICF & insulation industry, we can safely say we are the leading ICF manufacturer in Iraq.

We strive to bring the highest quality products to Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Builders and Owners.  Here at Isofoam, we are proud of our many successful partnerships and having played an integral role in the construction field as an ICF manufacturer.

Our customers are our top priority and as an ICF manufacturer we have supplied the ICF industry with solutions, innovative technology, and exceptional customer service for over a3 decades.

High Resistance To Heat Flow i.e.

Low Thermal Conductivity

High resistance to heat flow i.e. low thermal conductivity.
Isofoam retards heat flow into buildings in summer Isofoam keeps heat inside buildings during winter Heat Flow: Isofoam has a k-value of 0,024W/m∞C (determined in accordance with ISO 8302:1991(E) or ASTM C518) at 20∞C mean temperature and 90 day aged.

The k-value will increase with time when exposed to air and will also be influenced by water content Water: Isofoam will only absorb 0.32% (ISO 2896:1987) water and heat flow resistance will reduce by only 3% Pest: Isofoam is odourless, chemically inert and does not supply nutrition for pests, or support micro-organism growth.

Isofoam is vulnerable to teeth, beaks and bills, and should be physically protected if there is a food source for vermin within the insulated space.

Construction Site

The production and manufacturing

Operations are completed by using modern equipments and devices in order to insure high quality in manufacturing and installing which is done under the supervision of a qualified administrative and technical staff.


Isofoam thermal insulation is a high density, rigid, extruded polystyrene insulation board

With a 100% closed cell structure produced on a fully automated extrusion process in accordance with international specifications and standards

In uncontrolled buildings, Isofoam acts to control thermal temperature to within the comfort zone of around 20 - 30 Celsius.

payback period ranges from 2 - 5 years, due to savings on energy costs.

In controlled environments e.g. air-conditioned office blocks, wine cellars, etc.and edit me. It's easy.

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